Custom-made and Brand Prototypes with an unbeatable quality!

Custom-made and Brand Prototypes with an unbeatable quality!

We are all about custom-made furnishings, along with the expertise with all the major brand prototype furniture as needed. We work with some of the industry's best brands, so you never have to settle for less than your highest expectations.

We have successfully completed PIP renovations, brand conversions, new construction of full-service hotels for many of our clients who own major brands like BEST WESTERN, IHG, CHOICE, RADISSON and HILTON.

Brand Design Submittals? We've Got Your Back

Brand Design Submittals? We've Got Your Back

We believe in offering integrated solutions that go beyond furnishing products. We act as a partner that not only offers cost-effective products but also helps you get brand approvals for the same. We help you with technical specifications, drawings, datasheets, mock-ups and whatever collaterals required to as per the brand guidelines to get approvals. We coordinate with the brand’s design team to save you the hassle and complete the submittal process without your involvement.

Unparalleled selection

Unparalleled selection

That's why we offer a comprehensive selection of HPL (high-pressure laminate) finishes for furniture. This versatile material means you don't have to choose between a tailored aesthetic and long-lasting functionality. We also have endless fabric and style options and can furnish any area, from entire room suites to bathrooms and public areas. Choose from tasteful and elegant artwork depending on your intended aesthetic.

Our clients include hotels, apartments and any commercial property aspiring to provide a comfortable, functional, and attractive space for clientele.


I have been in Real Estate development business for many years and I can say with so much conviction that there are a very few companies, if any out there with such great product lines and pricing. Wonderful people to work with on top. 100% recommended and very reliable!!!

- Hiren Ramani

Hospitality Essentials has excellent customer service with expedited delivery. They also have some of the best high quality products. I would definitely recommend to friends and others!

- Budget Inn

Purchasing from Hospitality Essentials was a good experience and Mohit provided excellent service and timely responses.

- Scott Harrell

Excellent customer service. Everyone was very helpful. Thank you!

- Hema Shah

Excellent service good price and good product.

- Bharat Patel

We have completed over 3000 guest rooms and
over 550 apartment units.

Doing things differently

Doing things differently

While planning furniture for your space, we make sure that every phase of your project receives the attention and consideration it deserves. Having designed some of the leading branded hospitality spaces in the USA, we have developed domain know-how and foresight to ensure your space is designed for the present and future both.

We have developed a unique 8-step process for ourselves that enables us to deliver nothing but the best to our clients.

Our 8 -step process

1. Quotation

2. Design and planning

3. Brand submittal and approval

4. Contract

5. Manufacturing

6. Quality control

7. Shipment

8. Customer support