Our Story

Our Story

Modern Hotel Decor formed as a brand under Hospitality Essentials, LLC., started by two partners, Tushar Patel (Founder & CEO) and Tim Gaydos (President) dedicated to manufacturing FF&E for the hospitality industry that truly puts its customers first. To them, that means not only an empathetic and professional team that is available around the clock but also a wide range of choices so you can design your space to your exact specifications and Brand Prototypes.

Branching out

Branching out

Our parent enterprise is the beloved furniture and hotel interior design company Hospitality Essentials. We started as a single company, but as hotel, apartment complex and commercial property owners began to take notice of our unique ability to combine high-quality designs with tailored customer support, we began to grow at record speed.

Thanks to the rising demand from our expanding community of customers over the years, we decided the time had come to make it easier for customers to find exactly what they're looking for. It’s why you’ll find all the hotel furniture and interior design inspiration you need at Modern Hotel Decor and beautiful LED mirrors at sister brand Vicinta Mirrors

Dedicated to serving you

We may have grown in size, but we continue to offer that personalized, boutique service you only get from family companies. That's because we've always kept in touch with our roots, and from day one we made sure to take a customer-centric approach to service.

Our values


Quality and excellence run through our veins. From all of our in-house designs to every piece of furniture we manufacture, we are committed to providing furnishings that meet the industry's highest quality standards.


We began as a family company, and even though we've grown throughout the years, we still provide the same personal touch that brought us our first loyal customers.


With one of the widest selections of custom- made furniture and decor on the market, you can choose exactly which pieces you need to complete your specific goals for comfort, design, and functionality.


We are dedicated to honesty and transparency. You can always count on our products to be the safest, most comfortable and most elegant, and if a problem arises, we will always be by your side with the perfect solution.