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How Hoteliers should ensure the health of Furniture and Decor during this period

The n-COVID-19 pandemic has brought in a set of challenges that no hotelier would have foreseen. Moreover, in times of considerable business slowdown, to brave it out and ensure that the hotel is ready to service guests as soon as the lockdowns are lifted, will call for immense tenacity on part of the business owner. In doing so, one key aspect that hotel owners would need to bear in mind is that the guests that they would host after the crisis ends will be extremely finicky about cleanliness of their room, furniture, and décor. This post presents certain pointers that could form a brief reference manual for maintaining a reasonable level of cleanliness


Be it the floor, the furniture, or the décor, it is important that it is as dust-free as possible. Accumulation of dust in the hotel room may often trigger allergies among inhabitants causing their experience to suffer. So, it is important that you dust or vacuum the furniture, wooden floor, and any other décor that exists in the hotel room.

Wooden Items

Wood is quite durable, but you need to take special efforts to maximize its durability and retain its look. A shiny varnish to wood is what enhances its look, and hence it is important that you oil and wax it once every 3 months. Apart from enlivening the appearance of the wood, this also forms a protective layer on the surface. If you haven’t done this prior to the lockdown, you may want to do it as soon as the prevailing situation permits you to. Also, you would do well to regularly clean the wooden items in the room with warm water to ensure that they stays clean.


Be it sofa couches or beds, mattresses tend to accumulate a lot of dust, predominantly comprising of dead body cells. So, it is important that you regularly wash mattress covers with soap, and vacuum them from time to time so as to ensure that the person who uses them has a healthy experience.

Disinfecting the Room

In the wake of the Coronavirus disease, this is going to be of paramount importance. You do not want to get into the news for guests contracting the disease because of infected environs of your hotel rooms – it would hit your brand image big time for a very long time. As such, it is important that you make use of disinfectant sprays in the room as per requirement on the furniture, the décor, the power switches, the television remote, in the washroom and curtains. Once your rooms start having guests again, make sure you disinfect the whole room each time a guest checks out.

Metal Decor

Use different metal-specific methods of cleaning respective décor items to ensure that they retain their appeal. For lacquered brass, you may use a damp cloth to wipe it, but if it is unlacquered, you would need to use a special-purpose chemical cleaner. If there are stainless steel items, you might want to regularly keep them clean using detergent water which you would need to rinse so that you don’t cause spotting on the steel.

While going about doing this however, one key consideration should be of the staff involved. Your staff needs to use face and hair masks as well as gloves while they are in the room, for any time of room service. Also, you should regularly monitor the health of your staff, and in case they show any symptoms of flu, you should immediately refer them to a doctor, while disinfecting the rooms. Such precautions are important not only because the guests who come to your room will be more conscious, but also because you do not want your staff to risk infecting any surfaces in the room. Surely with these precautions, you would be able to ensure that your hotel rooms provide a healthy and enjoyable living experience for your guests once you are open for business again.