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How Will COVID-19 Impact Guest Experience at Luxury Hotels?

If there is one industry that is entirely dependent on travel, whether the travel is for business or pleasure, it is the hoteling industry. And perhaps, one of the worst affected industries due to the travel restrictions that had to be put in place due to COVID-19 is again the hoteling industry, which is currently witnessing some of the lowest occupancy rates for such long durations in recent times. More importantly, the pandemic is bound to affect a transformation in how the guest experience at luxury hotels are going to be rated.

Room Cleanliness to be of Utmost Importance

When hotels begin to have a regular flow of guests again, those guests are going to be extremely particular about the sanitary practices that hotels follow. The cleanliness and disinfection of mattresses and sheets, décor, furniture, shower rooms, and gallery if it exists, is going to be of immense importance.

Changed Expectations from Service Staff

Along with the cleanliness of rooms, it is important that the service staff themselves follow a stricter personal cleanliness protocol. Service staff showing symptoms of any disease would trigger panic among hotel guests, therefore hotels would have to ensure that they put their service staff through a health regimen and put staff who aren’t perfectly fit on leave. Also, they would have to ensure a spotlessly clean uniform and provide contactless service.

Different expectations from Food Service

The food that hotels provide would be subject to greater scrutiny. Guests would wish to have a guarantee that the ingredients that have been used in preparing different recipes are healthy enough. Moreover, the cutlery in which food is served would also be expected to be clean and sanitized.

Social Distancing would be of utmost importance

While COVID-19 has brought to light the hazards of overtly close human-to-human interaction, there are several other respiratory illnesses that thrive on the same. And having realized the importance of social distancing in avoiding such diseases whose pathogens spread through close contact, hotel guests would want to ensure that the layout of conference halls, dining area, gym, and other such spaces would facilitate a reasonable amount of social distancing.

The post-COVID-19 guest expectations from luxury hotels will not only be about luxury itself, or how fun their stay was. The expectations would also revolve around the safety factor. A guest contracting an infectious disease after staying at a hotel would instantly begin to have doubts over the hotel’s sanitary practices. As such, luxury hotels will have to be a lot more mindful of safety precautions while they strive to build enjoyable guest experiences.